Painting and restoration services


Painting of a frame includes

•Stripping old paint

•Bead blasting by hand to remove any old paint and small amounts of rust. Also provides an

   etched surface for mechanical bonding

•Washing frame

•Application of new paint and clear coat


$7.50 each







$5.00 each area

Time & Materials



Time & Materials


$60.00 - 120.00

Basic paint (steel frame) - One color with clear coat, frame & fork                      

Decal application

Panels - each additional color   

Fades - each additional color

Panels/Fades - each additional color 

Add Pearl to coat 

Suspension Forks with frame

Additional Components with frame- Fenders, Pumps, etc.

Masking for Chrome details

Lug lining / Box lining

Candies and Fluorescences paint   

Assembly Prep - Facing headset. bottom bracket and fork crown.  Aligning drop-outs. 

Carbon Fiber Frames

Carbon Fiber Forks with frame                                                                             

Restoration Research

All prices will be reviewed and confirmed at consultation.  This list is to help you with a approximate price of your project.  Prices are subject to change depending on complexity and condition of case.  A deposit of 1/2 the total of the paint price will be collected when the bike is dropped  off.


Portland has a thriving community of bicycle frame builders. We have ongoing relationships with several of the best of them, and we will use our connections to get your bike in front of a builder who has the expertise and bandwidth to repair it well and quickly.

Panels - Any time an additional color is applied with a masked line or hard edge.  Also to insert color blocks in the body paint color.

Fades - Colors combined without masked lines or hard edges. A way to combine two or more colors in graduation.

PANELS/FADES - Panel and Fade techniques can be combined for a dramatic effect.

PEARLS - Adds a iridescent quality to paint.  Pearl will also manipulate a color, an example is a red paint will turn a sparkling pink with a white pearl or will turn orange with a gold pearl.


                                                 Light Gray with Blue Pearl

Lug Lining / Box Lining - Highlights lug work.  Provides design to color.

CANDIES AND FLUORESCENCE - Are translucent colors applied over base coat.


                                        Candy Red